Meeting place for vacation friendships and holiday romances

Our sports ground - the FunPark

The hotel's own trendy multi-purpose sports complex for pros and improvers, for beginners to serious trainers, to give everyone a taste.

In summer, the hotel's trendy multi-purpose sports facility is the meeting place for bikers, skaters and all those who like sports! Our Fun Park is ideal for Pros for improvement, for beginners to practice seriously and for all to try something out.

Our sports guides will show you the best tricks and moves.

In addition to our sports hall you can also try out our brand new pumptrack facility.

The Tauernhof FunPark hall

  • Street ball & street soccer field

  • Beach volleyball ground

  • Climbing wall

  • Hill & trail

  • Grand masters trampoline

  • Skatepark

  • Rental box with all equipment

Skatepark for in-line skaters, skateboarders, snakeboarders, trick bikers with half-pipe/mini-ramp, 3 quarter-pipes, FunBox, street ramps, rails, obstacles, trails and waves, all types of street courses, high jumps, and wall riding.

During the holiday season: As part of the Fun & Action Club the FunPark and the sportcamp are supervised daily from 3.00 pm by one of our guides.


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